Online Shop “Stillness Sound” 

Harmony & Unity “Wholism”
Spatial Art of Peace & Harmony Created by Sound

安らぎを求める あなたへ

心にすき間をつくる 響きのトリートメント
For those who feel anxious and stressed,
 looking for peace of mind
Resonance Treatment to Create a ”Space” in your mind

THE FOOL公式オンラインショップ BASE



生命の源 ”静寂” からの響きによるメッセージ



The sound source is available at the official online store.
Official Online Shop

You can download and listen to it.
Also there is a massage from the sounds.
Please change the display to English in the upper left corner of the store or in the menu to place an order.

A message with echoes from the source of life, Stillness.
Please use it to heal your mind and revitalize your life energy.

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