Harmony & Unity “Wholism”
Spatial Art of Peace & Harmony Created by Echoes

“Stillness Sound” by Crystal Bowls
Sounds of Stillness, Life Force

– Sound is born from stillness and invites into stillness –

The “Stillness Sound” is the echoes of the ancient foundation that existed before humans were born.
Harmony, Echoes of life, it is Praise of life.
The sound of a miracle that is born only At This Moment wraps you.

<An abyssal echoes in a simple sound>

Pure overtones resonate in the space surrounding you and deep within.
A spatial art of peace and harmony created by “Hibiki (Echo/Vibration)”.

The sound of stillness played through the player,
A mindless sound that entrusts itself to the harmony of “here and now, this moment.
The refined vibration creates a harmony with the space.
From a single note, it will touch your soul.
Performed in crystal bowls made of 1 to 15 pure crystals of various sizes.

Live sound is a direct experience of the vibrations and energy of hertz that cannot be heard by the ear and cannot be contained in digital sound sources.


Resonance Treatment
to Create “Space” in your Mind

Unleash your mind
The Zero Experience Your Infinity Awakens…

Evoke “The Power of Nature that resides within each person.”
Calms the mind, heals fatigue, activates stillness
Stress release

Immerse yourself in the pure sound of one note,
Profound peace of mind you may discover something new.

For those of you who are seeking peace of mind, feeling anxiety and stress
To heal your mind and body, and activate the essential power of spirit/life


Use for

♦ Meditation / Mindfulness
Relax / Relaxation / Healing
♦ Mental Health

♦ Spatial Adjustment
♦ Spatial Art
♦ Ceremony / Exhibition

*I can perform at indoor/outdoor parties/events, and individual/group sessions.
Please contact  sulisthefool@gmail.com


Stillness Sound Channel Youtube

akiko Sulis Channel Youtube


Official Online Shop

The sound source is available at the official online store.
Official Online Shop

You can download and listen to it.  Also there is a massage from the sounds.
Please change the display to English in the upper left corner of the store or in the menu to place an order.


Sessions (Group/Individual)

You can join “Resonates in Now” Simultaneous Work (Remote Meditation) , workshop when it’s hold at office or someplace (Language in Japanese) and take Individual Session.
Get together in this space with vibration of “Stillness Sound” Crystal Bowls.


<Group Session>

◆Stillness Sound “Resonates in Now”
Simultaneous Work (Remote Meditation)

It’s a remote session of meditation. You can join anywhere and any style.
The player reads out the names of the participants before the performance, unites the participants’ consciousness, and plays the sound of “now”.
Playing for about 30minutes.

At the time of the session, each person will pay attention to the “sound of now “at your own place.
Focus on the sound of the crystal bowl you can’t hear,
you will feel the vibration into deep inside Silent space, Oneness.
Fluctuations of sound, a place of peace, to your essence.
Become one with infinite power.

Please get into this silent sound and join us in simultaneous meditation.
We all connect with a deep sense of Oneness.

Axis Alignment

Axis Alignment is a collaboration of light and sound vibration utilizing the essence of light (Ray Essence) and the crystal bowl (Stillness Sound).
Basically, it will be held at Spring Equinox, Autumn Equinox, Summer solstice, Winter solstice.
Others, it will be held at the timing of the special alignment of other space celestial bodies.
“Ray Essence” and “Stillness Sound”, a collaboration of light and sound will encourage you to come into contact with “essence” of yourself and “authentic I”.

It’s a remote session of meditation as same as “Resonates in Now”.
This one use Ray Essences. 
*you can participate without essences.
(We can not send essence kit to abroad, basically.  Please contact Ray Project YUIGA if you need essence)

◆ “Your Sound”for 7minutes
(5,500yen~as many as you like/1.5H)

I play “Your Sound” for 7 minutes for each person and give you a message.
Up to 3 people per session.


<Indivisual Session>

◆ “Your Sound”for 7minutes
Fee: 8,800yen
~as many as you like/30min.
Time: 30min, 1H, 1.5H, 2H(33,000yen)

I play “Your Sound” for 7 minutes and give you a message and consultation.
*Please note that my English is not that good (*^^*)v


Please contact  sulisthefool@gmail.com

 Information for Non-Japanese
 Information for who understand Japanese
♦ See Schedule https://sulisthefool.com/schedule/
Mindfulness Stillness Sound Crystal Bawls 

Stillness Sound

Sound is born from stillness and invites into stillness.
This moment cannot be the same as the last moment.
The energy of the moment.
I convert the energy and express in sound and vibration, and show it.
That is my play.
Crystal bowls and I are the medium.
This expresses the source of Ray Essences to sound and vibration.
However, the energy of the moment changes with each moment.
You are here, and the sound changes with your presence.
Your existence creates the current moment.
No time is ever the same.
This moment will never come again.

by CD “Stillness Sound YUIGA”