Urgent Notice – Free Online Stillness Sound Experience

Urgent Notice

I think that many people have become unstable due to negative thoughts such as anxiety and worry after recieving an unusual emargency declaration.

This is the time to find the harmony in our daily lives, also it is the opportunity to spend our time gently and peaceful mind.

Therefor I decided to have Zoom FREE Online
Mini-seminar & Stillness Sound Crystal Bowls for 3 days in this month.

「LOVE-The Life Project Calm the Mind」

Stay Calm, Immerse yourself in the sound and vibration.

A time when we can’t do anything,
when I’m alone,
when it’s different from before

To spend calmly.
We will find that there is something there that weren’t we before


This is the first attempt for me to hold this kind of online session.
Please forgive me even if it does not go well.

*speaking language in seminar: Japanese only

Day & Time: 30min
1st day: 19th Apr.  (Sun.)  16:30~17:00
2nd day: 23rd Apr.  (Thu. New moon) 11:00~11:30
3rd day: 25th Apr.(Sat.)14:00~14:30 

please contact sulisthefool@gmail.com if you’d like to join us at least 1 day before your participation date.

The session hold about 30min. by Zoom
Please be sure to come to the Zoom waiting room by the time of participation.
Please note that I cannot give you permission to enter the room once I start playing.

*This time is a free of charge.  Please do send a message after the session.

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