6/21 Axis Alignment on 2 powerful force

Axis Alignment Remote Session of Meditation
at Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse 2020
June 21st
Theme:  Spark

June 21st, Powerful force working!
Two big alignments occur on Earth, Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse.
Especially, it will be a complete annular eclipse in Taiwan.

We will hold “Online joint workshop” between Japan and Taiwan in this timing.
Also 2 times remote meditation sessions will be held in the morning and the evening (Japan).

The earth and the moon surrounded by the sunshine.
The ring of light will reminds you  “WA 和 (Harmony)” and something more.

Axis Alignment Remote Session of Meditation, invite you to a peaceful space of “authentic I”.
Get together in this space with vibration of “Stillness Sound” Crystal Bowls and Ray Essences.

* You can participate without using essences

DAY:  21st June

●Summer Solstice Axis Alignment
Remote Meditation Session by Stillness Sound Crystal Bowls
06:30〜07:00 Japan Time/Fee 2,100 yen

●Online Joint Workshop between Taiwan & Japan
(Google Meet with Taiwanese Interpreter)
Theme:「道 TAO」
11:00〜14:00 Japan Time/Fee 6,600 yen
*Original language:  Japanese

●Solar Eclipse Axis Alignment
Remote Meditation Session by Stillness Sound Crystal Bowls
17:00〜17:30 Japan Time/Fee 2,100 yen

〇Total Participation discount /10,000 yen

〇Ray Essence Meditation Kit for this time/1,600 yen
1. 道開 Michi-wo-Hiraku
2. 点火 Tenka (Mars Ignition)
3. 出現 Shutugen (Emerging)

* Pay by PAYPAL
*if you would like a bank transfer please contact me
*You can participate without essences.
*Please apply by 16th June if you need Essence kit.
*Sorry, We can not send essence kit to abroad.
*If you live in out of Japan, please check the time at your location and participate.
*Application Deadline:  20th June at 12:00 (no essence kit)

Please contact me if you have interested.


We look forward to your participation.
Let’s find a peaceful space.

< What is Axis Alignment >

It’s a remote session of meditation where you can join any style and anywhere.
Using selected 3 Ray Essences, before, while, and after the meditation session.

Akiko Sulis focuses on the participants and plays Stillness Sound by crystal bowls.

Essence of light “Ray Essence” and Crystal Bowls “Stillness Sound”, the collaboration light and sound vibration bring you to your “essence” and “authentic I”.

By using the essence (even if you do not use it), you are conscious of the sound of the crystal bowl that you can not hear, you will feel the vibration in ONE space deep inside.

Basically, we hold the event at Spring & Autumn Equinox, Summer & Winter Solstice.

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