3/20,21 Remote Session of Meditation at Vernal Equinox

Axis Alignment Remote Session of Meditation
at Vernal Equinox  2020
2 Days on 20th & 21st March
Theme:  Balance

The world is in confusion, but this is a moment away from contact with the group, it is also an opportunity for people to face themselves, and it is a gift of the universe for people to go beyond dimensions.

March 20th is New Year of the Earth, the Vernal Equinox.

Axis Alignment Remote Session of Meditation, invite you to a peaceful space of “authentic I”.

Get together in this space with vibration of “Stillness Sound” Crystal Bowls and Ray Essence.

* You can participate without using essences


DAY:  20th, 21st March
TIME:  12:30 – 13:00 (Japan time)

<Remote Session of Meditation>
You can participate without essences.
Sorry, We can not send essence kit to abroad.
No Essence Kit:  2,100Yen
/ each day
Inclule Essence Kit:  3,600Yen/each day (Only in Japan)
*10% discount from total price for both day participant
* Pay by PAYPAL

Application form for Living in Japan

Application form for Other Country

< Ray Essence Kit for this time>

1st day:    Approaching from an infinite large view (source)
1. MURYOKU (Forcelessness)
2. MICHI (The Unknown)
3. JIZAI (Even in any situation)

2nd day:  Approaching from a small field of view with limits
1. MEIKAI (Border & Boundaly)
2. SHOTEN (Focus)
3. SENTAKU (Choice & Decide)


<Additional Information>
Also we will hold workshop at THE FOOL office and Facebook Live on 2days by Kiyofumi Tomii and Akiko Sulis. (language in Japanese)
TIME:   10:30 – 14:00 (Japan time)
*no broadcasting for meditation session about 30 minutes.

Please contact sulisthefool@gmail.com if you would like to participate in the workshop or Facebook live distribution.


We look forward to your participation.
Let’s find a peaceful space in the chaos.

< What is Axis Alignment >

It’s a remote session of meditation where you can join anywhere.
Using selected 3 Ray Essences, before, while, and after the meditation session.

Akiko Sulis focuses on the participants and plays Stillness Sound by crystal bowls.

Essence of light “Ray Essence” and Crystal Bowls “Stillness Sound”, the collaboration light and sound vibration bring you to your “essence” and “authentic I”.

By using the essence (even if you do not use it), you are conscious of the sound of the crystal bowl that you can not hear, you will feel the vibration in ONE space deep inside.

Basically, we hold the event at Spring & Autumn Equinox, Summer & Winter Solstice.

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