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Mindfulness Stillness Sound Crystal Bawls 

Stillness Sound

Sound is born from stillness and invites into stillness.
This moment cannot be the same as the last moment.
The energy of the moment.
I convert the energy and express in sound and vibration,and show it.
That is my play.
Crystal bowls and I are the medium.
This expresses the source of Ray Essences to sound and vibration.
However, the energy of the moment changes with each moment.
You are here, and the sound changes with your presence.
Your existence creates the current moment.
No time is ever the same.
This moment will never come again.

by CD “Stillness Sound YUIGA”

AXIS ALIGNMENT Remote Session of Meditation

Axis Alignment Remote Meditation basically hold Spring & Autumn Equinox and Summer & Winter Solstice.
Also the timing of special celestial placement.
It’s a Remote Session of Meditation where you can participate anywhere.
It is invite you to a peaceful space of “Authentic I”.

Playing Crystal Bowls “Stillness Sound” with using selected 3 Ray Essences.
Akiko Sulis focuses on the participants and plays Stillness Sound by crystal bowls without self mind.
Playing for 20minutes and 10minutes with no sound.

By using the essence (even if you do not use it), you are conscious of the sound of the crystal bowl that you can not hear, you will feel the vibration in ONE space deep inside.

Get together in this space with vibration of “Stillness Sound” Crystal Bowls and essence of light “Ray Essence”, the collaboration light and sound vibration bring you to your “Essence” and “Authentic I”.

Please get into this silent sound and join us in simultaneous meditation.
We all connect with a deep sense of Oneness.

You can join us workshop when it’s hold in our office or someplace (Language in Japanese).
See Information for Non-Japanese, Information for who understand Japanese

*you can participate without essences
(We can not send essence kit to abroad, basically.  Please contact Ray Project YUIGA if you need essence)